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First,  get a four digit number by clicking on the generate button:


Now write a four line poem where each line refers to successive digits in the four digit number! You can share it in the comments here if you'd like.

My number was 1884. Here's an example:

School Day 1884

There's only one of me, 
but eight students have questions
and eight e-mails need answered.
Good thing I have fourth hour plan.


  1. Interesting option! My number - 9556
    My Poem:
    I don't work from nine to
    five. My digital life fills my days where
    a blog post can take fifty-six minutes
    to create, correct and publish. Done!

    1. Oh, to be able to work so efficiently!

    2. Oh, to be able to work so efficiently!

    3. Thanks for playing! I don't want to add up the minutes it takes to create a blog post...I tend to do it a paragraph at a time, dropping in and out as the mood and inspiration move me. Over a stretch of days a post will finally say "Done!" and then when I copy and paste into the site, there are still revisions that crop up.

  2. By the numbers: 9021

    My scaredy cats still
    have their nine lives,
    But our treasured Pooka has zero;
    Life is too short to live alone;
    Find a friend
    Two is better than one.
    I'm glad I've found
    my friend.

  3. This is Sarah, as it seems not to recognise me.

    My number: 8825

    Work and play are all one to me -
    as my play becomes work, work becomes fun.
    Modern life -
    blurring boundaries, my identities merge.

    1. It's so great when work = play!

    2. It's so great when work = play!

    3. If our work equals play, then I think we're doing it right!

  4. My number is 6681
    Fanny was number 6,
    Emily was number 6 too.
    Springer sisters, litter mates for life.
    Now they are gone we skip to Tommy,
    A rescue, number 8 but
    Number 1 in our hearts.

  5. 2503
    My best friend was an extortion victim twice within
    Five years.
    These traumas Zeroed out his confidence and self-esteem.
    He's one in 3 billion, beating the odds, but the odds beat him.

    1. Nifty use of the the numbers to craft an emotional poem.

  6. My number is 5871
    I don't work a 5 day, 8 hour work week.
    Instead, I focus 7 days a week with 1 purpose,
    to inspire and empower young people to reach their dreams.